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Where to buy Latisse Online

Latisse is bimatoprost .03% drops. Many cost conscience consumers are unaware that Latisse was originally a product called Lumigan. Lumigan is prescribed for glaucoma. But when the Lumigan patients started noticing their eyelashes growing thicker and stronger, the maker of Lumigan, Allergan, knew something exciting was happening. Consequently, Latisse was put through FDA testing and studies and was finally approved for growing eyelashes thicker and stronger. Women even buy Latisse online to promote thicker eyebrow growth. Cost conscience women seeking to enhance their eyelash and eyebrow growth have discovered that Latisse is the same medication, made by the same laboratory as Lumigan. Man women have started to buy Lumigan online as an alternative to Latisse. Lumigan is identical to Latisse in every way. It is .03% bimatoprost in a 3 ml bottle that can be used as a dropper bottle. Many women at first buy latisse online at a much higher price before they learn that they can buy Lumigan online.

Buy Bimatoprost Drops
Of course, there is a generic Latisse version as well. Actually, there are several Latisse generic options. Probably the most popular is Careprost, generic bimatoprost. Just as effective and often times a little cheaper is Bimat Bimatoprost drops. Both Bimat and Careprost are quality generic Latisse options. Many online Latisse stores are great places to buy Latisse online as well as great places to buy generic Latisse online.
Latisse for Hair Loss in Men?

Latisse or Lumigan or bimatoprost are now being studied for application on the scalps of men to treat hair loss and to grow new thick hair. Men suffering from alopecia have not always been satisfied with the results from medications such as Propecia and Rogaine. In studies, bimatoprost for hair loss has shown very positive results in being more effective than Propecia or Rogaine.

Many men have now started to buy Latisse online, or better yet to buy Lumigan and buy Bimatoprost online to treat their hairloss. There are many hair loss blogs for men where you can search to see some of the results that men are obtaining by using Latisse for hair growth in men.

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